Should You Try DIY Electrical Services In Auckland?

Should You Try DIY Electrical Services In Auckland?

In these tough economic times, we are all trying to cut costs. Many people are completing DIY projects to improve and maintain their homes, which is a great idea. There is one area where doing your own repairs and installations can be very risky. Attempting to apply DIY to your electrical services requirements in Auckland is not a good idea.

Read on to learn more about why it is a good idea to employ an experienced electrician when you have electrical services in Auckland to attend to.

Specialised Knowledge And Equipment

When working on electrical systems, it is vital to have the knowledge and know-how to ensure the ability to work safely. Becoming an expert in electrical services in Auckland takes many years of training and then working under the supervision of experienced colleagues. The knowledge and skills acquired can then be applied to work safely without the risk of injury to oneself and others.

In addition, working with electrical services in Auckland requires a long list of specialised instruments and equipment, like voltmeters, safety gear (glasses, gloves and boots), insulated tools and ladders. Conducting electrical work without the appropriate tools is dangerous.

Compliance With Electrical Services Safety Standards In Auckland

Specific tasks require a Certificate of Compliance to be issued, for example, when rewiring or fitting new power sockets. This is your guarantee that the work has been carried out and tested according to legal electrical safety standards and codes. Only a licensed electrician can issue these certificates.

Home Insurance And Warranties

Another reason for needing to acquire a Certificate of Compliance for all electrical work done is that you will need them for insurance claims and also in the future if you decide to sell your home. If you have elected to do your own electrical repairs, you may find that your insurer will not honour your claim in the event of an accident involving electric supply or appliances.

Risk Of Injury

One of the most important reasons for not undertaking your own work in electrical services in Auckland is the high risk of injury to yourself and others. Without the appropriate knowledge and skills, you face the risk of electric shock injuries and possibly even death. This risk is significantly multiplied for people who have pacemakers and heart conditions.

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