Electrical Installation including power, data, lighting, emergency lighting and distribution board upgrades.


Livewire Electrical Ltd was appointed by Q Interiors Ltd (Q Group) to undertake electrical upgrades for ACG Parnell, a private school in Auckland, across multiple buildings and classrooms.

This involved the following scope of works:

  • Installation of new conduit, batten lighting, LED lighting and relocating existing lights and occupancy sensors
  • Upgrade the distribution board in the power room
  • Isolation Work
  • Data cabling run to the new server in the storage room
  • Emergency Lighting including relocation in the Auditorium

Case Study

The team undertaking this work was led by Kent Griffin with the electrical installation managed by Brendon Chappell, and supported by Livewire Electricians and an apprentice. This team specialises in Ministry of Education school maintenance and upgrades. We propose using this team for the proposed Electrical Upgrades.


During the course of the works we encountered the following challenges:

  • Working around multiple trades on a busy site
  • Changes to plans and specifications after project kick-off
  • Navigating timeframes and deadlines during school holidays
  • Site access and parking restrictions across trades and teachers
  • Working at heights for auditorium lighting and audio

We overcame these challenges by:

  • Planning ahead, and working with the project manager to identify solutions and work around existing trades.
  • Clear communication around changes to specified electrical fittings.
  • Confirming working hours on site and utilising additional team members to complete the works as quickly as possible.
  • Utilising scissor lifts for safe and efficient access working at height.

Outcomes & Innovations

  • A zero injury/near miss record was achieved, and our team exceeded expectations during an unanticipated safety audit.
  • Safe working practices and time savings were achieved using scissor lifts to complete installations at height efficiently instead of using ladders.
  • Our team adapted to changes working closely with the project manager, & the project received excellent feedback from the end client.
"With increasing demand for quality and well managed electrical projects, we're passionate about professional problem solving and adding value to our customers. Livewire Electrical are raising the bar with high performing teams delivering excellence..."
Kent Griffin
Livewire Electrical Limited

At Glance


  • Working around multiple trades
  • Changes to specifications
  • Tight turn-around during holidays


  • Excellent safety records
  • Time savings and efficiency achieved using scissor lifts
  • Flexibility and clear communications with Project Manager
  • Great outcome with a happy end client