Milford Primary School


Electrical Installation including power, data, lighting, emergency call-points and heater upgrades for the high dependency unit.


Livewire Electrical Ltd was appointed by Q Maintenance Ltd (Q Group) to undertake electrical upgrades for Milford Primary, a school on Auckland’s North Shore, for the high dependency unit.

This involved the following scope of works:

  • Disconnect and isolate bathroom power
  • Installation of new bathroom radiant heater
  • Pre-wire and fit-off bathroom lighting and power points
  • Installation of 3 x Emergency Call-Points in the high dependency bathroom with an audible alarm activated at the front office.

Case Study

The team undertaking this work was led by Kent Griffin with the electrical installation managed by Brendon Chappell, and supported by Livewire Electricians and an apprentice. Livewire specialises in Emergency Call-Point installations and have been endorsed by the Ministry of Education for an approved call-point design.


During the course of the works we encountered the following challenges:

  • Identifying suitable options for Emergency Call-Points to achieve the desired outcome
  • Working with suppliers to identify a solution for the emergency call point alarm location to be installed 80m from the call-point
  • Working with the Ministry of Education to secure an endorsed design for Emergency Call-Points

We overcame these challenges by:

  • Successfully collaborating with the Chief Advisor of Electrical Services at the Ministry of Education (MOE) to achieve a cost effective wireless switching electrical design that is endorsed by MOE for Emergency Call-Points.
  • Clear communication with the MOE, call-point supplier and project manager around the proposed electrical design for the emergency call points.

Outcomes & Innovations

  • Our team worked closely with the Ministry of Education and project manager to seek approval for a call point electrical design using wireless switching to achieve the 80m distance required.
  • Livewire Electrical are thrilled to have been endorsed for emergency call point system installations in high dependency units.
"With increasing demand for quality and well managed electrical projects, we're passionate about professional problem solving and adding value to our customers. Livewire Electrical are raising the bar with high performing teams delivering excellence..."
Kent Griffin
Livewire Electrical Limited

At Glance


  • Identifying suitable options for emergency call-points
  • Working with suppliers, the Ministry of Education Chief advisor of Electrical Services, and the PM to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Cost savings utilising wireless switching
  • The emergency call-point design was officially endorsed by the Ministry of Education
  • Proactive and clear communication kept the PM updated at all times for a project successfully delivered.