4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Local Auckland Residential Electrician Can Help You With

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Local Auckland Residential Electrician Can Help You With

Many people think they can only call an electrician for significant jobs such as a circuit problem or a central installation. In reality, electricians are there to help with most residential electrical jobs, such as fixing a light switch or installing a fan. Here are four things that your local Auckland residential electrician can help you with within your home.

  1. Fixing Your Light Switches 

Many people think fixing a light switch is too small of a job for an electrician and worry they’ll refuse to come out to fix a faulty one. In reality, electricians prefer if you call them for the job, and they will probably fix it within minutes at a minimal cost. A faulty installation of a light switch can become a fire hazard. So put the tools away and call them!

  1. Installing Indoor Lighting That Matches The Atmosphere You Want 

Electricians know what light design and strength to use to fit your particular needs, such as to create a warm atmosphere or even to make the room look bigger than it is. Instead of installing it yourself and possibly struggling to find the right product, let an electrician help you find the solution for your needs.

  1. Don’t Risk Your Life With A Loose Hanging Ceiling Fan or an underperforming extractor fan 

Installing a ceiling fan is a complex and risky process. As ceiling fans have advanced; the installation has become more complex. Electricians are trained to install any type of fan and have the necessary equipment to do it safely and securely.

  1. Installing Washers Or Dryers, TV’s or Ovens 

Although most people assume that installing a washer and dryer is easy enough to do on your own, there are some things you can avoid if you get a professional to do the job. Dryers specifically become tricky if you are not skilled at installing them correctly. Another issue is that the new appliances aren’t necessarily fit for old homes, as they require different connections or brackets than the older types. An electrician has the skills and necessary parts that take the hassle out of it and complete the install for you. They can even inspect your switchboard while they’re on site to ensure everything is operating smoothly and avoid any overloads. 

No matter how big or small the electrical problem, Livewire Electrical ‒ your trusted residential electrician in Auckland ‒ will be able to help. Whether fixing a light switch or installing an appliance, contact us for professional and quick service.

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