How To Know If Your House Needs Full Or Partial Rewiring In Auckland

How To Know If Your House Needs Full Or Partial Rewiring In Auckland

Keeping your electrical wiring system in good condition is essential to the safety of your home. From time to time, it will be necessary to replace some or all of the wiring to protect the integrity of the electrical supply to all outlets, switches and fittings.

Read on to learn more about full and partial house rewiring services in Auckland.

What Is A Full House Rewiring In Auckland?

A full house rewiring in Auckland would require the replacement of your entire electrical wiring system in your home and could even include the replacement of light fittings and sockets. This would also be an excellent time to upgrade your distribution board as this is the “brains” of the distribution of electricity to the various areas of your home.

What Is A Partial House Rewiring In Auckland?

A partial rewiring would be necessary when only certain sections of the electrical wiring system need to be replaced. This is most likely in the case where damage has been caused to a portion of the circuitry through wear and tear, water or fire damage or other issues that compromise the safety of the system.

The Function Of Fuses And Circuit Breakers

The distribution board has a main switch and a system of built-in protective fuses or circuit breakers for each circuit (or area of wiring) to prevent damage if the circuit becomes overloaded or there is a short circuit. The switches, circuit breakers and fuses, therefore, protect the electrical wiring of your home.

In the case of an electrical fault, the associated fuse will blow, or the circuit breaker will trip, which will shut off the power to that part of your electrical wiring system.

You can reset a circuit breaker to restore power to that part of the system. In the case of a blown fuse, however, the fuse will need to be replaced.

You should pay attention to both of these warning signs, as they indicate a problem in your electrical system. It could simply be a faulty appliance, but it may also indicate a more significant problem that could mean the need for a house rewiring in Auckland.

In some cases, the addition of a major electrical load, such as a spa pool, could require an upgrade to your switchboard.

Your residential electrician will be able to give you the best advice on the way to proceed in these cases.

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