3 Assignments Your Industrial Electrician Can Perform For You

3 Assignments Your Industrial Electrician Can Perform For You

While residential, commercial and industrial electricians are all equipped with the knowledge and skills to install and maintain electrical systems, as the name implies, an industrial electrician will carry out this work in an industrial setting. This includes factories, production and manufacturing plants, mines and warehouses.

If you work in this type of environment, you will know that these locations operate with very different types of electrical loads and installation requirements. Therefore, it is vital to make use of the specialist knowledge and skills of an industrial electrician to set up and maintain such systems.

Here are three specialist skillsets that an industrial electrician is equipped to handle.

1.  New Installations

An industrial electrician is able to install the necessary wiring, electrical outlets and fittings from scratch in a new building or warehouse. This involves the reading and understanding of electrical design from blueprints and other technical drawings, including site plans, floor plans and wiring diagrams that show where electrical equipment, light fittings, outlets and other electrical systems must be installed.

Their ability to interpret this information puts them in a unique position to assess the scope of the work and prepare accurate estimates for the same.

2.  Finding Faults, Troubleshoot Problems And Carrying Out Repairs

When problems occur with the electrical system in a plant, factory or other industrial environment, the industrial electrician will be responsible for finding the root cause of the problem and making the necessary repairs, replacements or upgrades to ensure the effective and safe functioning of the system.

They will carry out various checks and tests using a range of mechanical and sensing equipment to help them establish the problem areas. For example, they will use multimeters, ohmmeters, amp meters, voltmeters and circuit finders to assist in this process and, therefore, will be skilled in the use of both digital and analogue testing equipment.

3.  Tagging, Testing And Maintaining Electrical Components

To ensure a safe working environment, it is the responsibility of the industrial electrician to test and tag all wiring, equipment, appliances and machinery that they have installed or repaired. This is of primary importance to avoid workplace accidents from electrical shocks or other exposure to faulty electrical systems.

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