Outdoor Lights Not Working? Get Top Advice From Electrical Companies In Auckland

Outdoor Lights Not Working? Get Top Advice From Electrical Companies In Auckland

Outdoor lighting serves two essential functions. Firstly, it enhances the security of your home by lighting up your yard at night, giving a good view of your surrounding areas.

Secondly, outdoor lighting enhances the appeal of your home at night and creates a lovely effect, even on the darkest of nights. If you like entertaining in your yard, fully functioning outdoor lighting is also necessary.

Several factors can affect the correct functioning of your outdoor lighting. Read on for top advice from electrical companies in Auckland as they give reasons for this and some tips on maintaining your system.

Damaged Electrical Systems And Fittings

Being constantly exposed to the elements makes outdoor lighting more susceptible to water damage. If the fitting is not fully sealed, water can enter and cause a problem. Signs that your fitting is not waterproof include condensation on the inside of the fitting and the growth of mould. Uncorrected water exposure can lead to short circuits and corrosion of the metal parts of the fitting.

Another culprit that causes damage to your fittings and wiring is insects such as ants, and rodents. It is important to check your outdoor fittings regularly for signs of ants or other critters.

Faulty Wiring

Electrical companies in Auckland will tell you that faulty wiring is another common cause of non-functioning outdoor lighting. If your wiring is compromised, it can lead to exposed wires touching each other. This will result in a short circuit along with a tripped breaker.

It is also crucial that your fittings are correctly grounded. Ungrounded fittings allow too much current to pass through them, leading to overheating and damage. Electrical companies in Auckland will be able to diagnose and repair ungrounded fittings.

Electrical Companies In Auckland Give Some Tips On Maintenance Of Outdoor Lights

To ensure the longevity of your outdoor lighting system, here are some maintenance tips you can follow:

  • Keep the fittings clean.
  • Check for any signs of dampness or condensation. Seal cracks or crevices that allow water into the fitting or wiring.
  • Check for any wiring that is exposed to the elements.
  • Replace regular bulbs and fluorescent bulbs with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Have motion sensor fittings installed that will only activate when required saving electricity and extending the bulb’s life.

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