Industrial Electrical Capabilities

In the industrial sector, where the scale and complexity of operations exceed those found in residential or commercial settings, the demand for robust, reliable electrical systems is paramount. Livewire Electrical rises to this challenge with a suite of industrial electrical services designed to support the productivity and safety of businesses across New Zealand. Our expertise spans a broad range of industrial applications, from manufacturing plants to processing facilities, each with its unique electrical demands.

Comprehensive Industrial Electrical Services

Our industrial services are comprehensive, covering everything from the installation of high-capacity electrical systems to the maintenance and repair of industrial machinery. We understand the critical nature of uninterrupted power supply in industrial operations and are equipped to design and implement systems that meet these rigorous demands.

System Design and Installation: Tailored electrical system designs that accommodate the specific needs of industrial operations, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Our installation services are executed with precision, adhering to the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Maintenance and Repairs: Regular maintenance is crucial in an industrial setting to prevent downtime. Livewire Electrical offers scheduled maintenance services, as well as rapid response repairs, to keep your operations running smoothly.

Machine and Motor Controls: Specialised services in the installation, repair, and maintenance of machine and motor controls, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and motor control centres (MCCs), critical for automated processes.

Power Distribution Systems: Expertise in the installation and maintenance of power distribution systems, ensuring efficient power delivery to all areas of your facility.

Lighting Solutions: Industrial-grade lighting solutions that enhance visibility, safety, and productivity within the workplace. Our services include the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting and emergency lighting systems.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect of industrial electrical services. Livewire Electrical is committed to ensuring that all installations and services comply with New Zealand’s stringent electrical safety standards and regulations. Our team is continuously trained in the latest safety protocols, ensuring a safe working environment for all.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We recognize the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in today’s industrial landscape. Livewire Electrical is at the forefront of implementing green solutions in industrial settings, offering services such as energy audits, the installation of energy-efficient lighting, and advice on reducing energy consumption without compromising operational efficiency.

Emergency Electrical Services

Industrial operations can ill afford electrical downtime. Our emergency electrical services are designed to respond swiftly to any electrical failure, minimising disruption to your operations and ensuring a quick return to full productivity.

Partnering with Livewire Electrical

Choosing Livewire Electrical as your industrial electrical services provider means partnering with a team that understands the complexities and challenges of industrial operations. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring your operations are powered safely, efficiently, and reliably.

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Industrial Electrical Capabilities

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