Choosing The Correct Type Of Extraction Fan Installations In Waimauku

Choosing The Correct Type Of Extraction Fan Installations In Waimauku

Indoor areas that contain a large amount of steam, humidity or moisture-laden air will require the assistance of an extraction fan to ensure the air is kept healthy and prevent water damage.

Three main types of extraction fan installations can be carried out in Waimauku to keep your home, office, commercial or industrial areas from excessive moisture build-up. Read on to find out more about the options available and the benefits.

Inline Extraction Fan Installations In Waimauku

As the name suggests, an inline extraction fan is installed in the ducting used to extract moisture. The ducting is covered by a neat grill or value (in many finishes and designs), and the humidity is vented to the outside. The fan itself is not in the room to be vented, which gives a low noise level rating. It is best installed in a loft space or cupboard to provide accessibility; however, it can also be installed in a ceiling space.

Inline extraction fans are highly suited to large bathrooms, kitchens or other areas that require a high level of venting.

Axial Extraction Fan Installations In Waimauku

Axial extraction fans will commonly be installed directly into an external wall, and alternative installation would be on a ceiling with a short duct to the outside. They are designed for use with a very short span of ducting, usually no more than one and a half metres. This option is less powerful as the venting distance is short, so they would, for example, be the perfect option to vent steam from a regular bathroom directly through an external wall.

Centrifugal Extraction Fan Installations In Waimauku

By creating a centrifugal force, these powerful extractor fans can produce the necessary airflow to move air longer distances from the extraction point to the exhaustion point. They are, therefore, highly suitable for venting areas that do not have access to an external wall. As the fan is mounted at the extraction point, this option will produce higher noise levels and may protrude from its mounting. However, expert installers can create a more pleasing flush mounting with some extra effort.

Benefits Of The Correct Extraction Fan Option

Extraction fan installations in Waimauku have the following benefits:

  • Reducing or preventing mould and mildew growth
  • Reducing rust damage to appliances and other corrosion-susceptible objects
  • Helping to regulate the temperature in the ventilated area
  • Creating a safer, healthier environment

Contact Livewire Electrical today to book your extraction fan installation. We can offer expert advice on the correct model and placement for the best results. Extraction fan installations are also available in Waimauku for industrial applications.

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